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Ghatkesar is a Town in Ghatkesar Mandal , Rangareddi District , Andhra Pradesh State . Ghatkesar is Main Town for the Ghatkesar Mandal . Ghatkesar is located 65 km distance from its District Main City Rangareddi . It is located 23 km distance from its State Main City Hyderabad .Agriculture is the main occupation of people living in Ghatkesar , some of the crops grown in this region include Tobacco, paddy, groundnut, cotton, pulses, jowar, cereals, sweet orange, mango, sapota, tomato Ghatkesar includes the priests, carpenters, blacksmiths, barbers, weavers, potters, oil pressers, leatherworkers, sweepers, water bearers, toddy-tappers and many others.

Other villages in Ghatkesar Mandal are Ankushapur , Boduppal , Chengicherla , Chowderguda , Ghanpur , Ghatkesar , ... . .

Near By Villages of this Village with distance are Aushapur(3.2 k.m.) ,Yamnampet(3.2 k.m.) ,Ankushapur(3.6 k.m.) ,Korremul(4 k.m.) ,Pocharam(4.2 k.m.) ,. Towns Near By Ghatkesar(1.7 k.m.) ,Keesara(9.3 k.m.) ,Hayathnagar(15.3 k.m.) ,Saroornagar(20 k.m.).

Ghatkesar is located east of the city Hyderabad, India. The town has many residential townships which is adjacent to Annojiguda, Ghatkesar.It is on the National Highway 202.

Demographics of Ghatkesar Mandal

Total population of Ghatkesar Mandal is 88,935 living in 18,565 Houses, Spread across total 43 villages and 21 panchayats . Males are 45,926 and Females are 43,009. There is a city in Ghatkesar Mandal. Total 18,278 persons lives in town and 70,657 lives in Villages.


Ghatkesar Mandal Average Rainfall : 781.5 mm

Ghatkesar Mandal Average Temperature in Summer : 32.80 deg C

Ghatkesar Mandal Average Temperature in Winter : 23.12 deg C

List of Gram Pnchayats in Ghatkesar Mandal: